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How long does an acupuncture visit take? 

The first treatment is approximately 1 hour and involves a detailed intake and initial consultation in which a diagnosis is made and the course of treatment determined. After the initial consultation, we move right into the first treatment if appropriate during the same visit. Follow- up visits consist of a much shorter intake / diagnosis period before treatment, and generally lasts 45 minutes.


How do you diagnose my problem or concern with Chinese Medicine? 

I will ask a number of questions after reviewing the intake regarding your specific complaint and general health. I will then use Traditional Chinese diagnostic methods including radial pulse reading and tongue diagnosis as well as general observation and palpation. The initial consultation includes a standard health history, and in depth conversation regarding your overall condition and health and lifestyle.


Do the acupuncture needles hurt? 

Patients are generally surprised and relieved to find out that acupuncture really doesn’t hurt. Needles used are very fine and thin and always sterile and disposable, which means they are only used once each visit. Using years of training, these tiny needles are barely perceptible when inserted and patients generally do not feel the painful piercing or pricking sensation typically associated with a hypodermic needle or medical needle.


What does Acupuncture or Chinese Medicine treatment involve? 

Each visit we will discuss your progress and determine the next step in your treatment plan.

acupuncture needles in shoulder and upper arm
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